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Order the Excellent Recipe at Benihana Menu

Order the Excellent Recipe at Benihana Menu

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Now, lots of people focus on best place to take favorite foods and drinks. If you are looking for best place, benihana is a great option for food lovers. It is a premier Asian themed restaurant that serves delicious dishes to customers. It provides different menu options like hibachi, sushi, sake, teppanyaki, and others. You can see price range of each and every menu at restaurant. Price range is varied for different menus. People try to check benihana prices of different items and make right decision to pick up favorite dish. You can get authentic cuisine with best ingredients.

Best recipe of the restaurant

When deciding to visit restaurant, people usually look at the top recipe offered by the restaurant. Here are the top recipes of benihana like

Spicy hibachi chicken:

In benihana, the chef cooks benihana spicy hibachi chicken with the chicken breast. The chicken is grilled with mushrooms, green onions, and homemade sauce.

Spicy chicken fried rice:

It is a classic food that available with a spicy finish. The benihana fried rice made with rice, egg, grilled chicken and vegetables. It also manages the perfect combination of ginger, sriracha sauce and chilli pepper.

Benihana soup:

One can find out a different array of soup recipe in benihana. The benihana soup recipe comes up with the perfect blend of green onion, tofu, and miso.

Plum wine:

This type of wine is made from plums that come with the balanced acidity, faint aroma, and excellent sweetness. The benihana plum wine is used as a great dessert wine.


In a restaurant, people can find out different range of sauce. The benihana yum yum sauce comes together with Marin, rice vinegar, ketchup, garlic powder, water, and others.

Japanese fried rice:

Japanese fried rice is also regarded as yaki meshi. The japanese fried rice recipe benihana is made from stickier and shorter grained type rice.

Chili shrimp roll:

The recipe is cooked with the seaweed tempura and cream cheese in a chili sauce. It is topped with shrimp and spicy crap.


It is a Japanese noodles made with the mixed vegetables and chicken. It comes with sprinkled sauce and sesame seed.

What is Benihana

Benihana is the most popular restaurant company today and helps people to enjoy great dinner and night out. It is a great place for everyone to realize friends and family dinner. The company was started in the year of 1964 and manages good name across world. Now, it keeps up global record for the longest running dinner show. They manage excellent teppanyaki chef that entertains customers with great cooking skills and impressive knife. You can enjoy the great dine on the authentic Japanese cuisine. Chef cooks each and every recipe with the fresh and quality ingredients.

The company provides different services to customer. You can just go to official site of company and view different range of menu available in different locations. The restaurant operates in different locations today. The restaurant provides different dishes like steak, shrimp, tuna, salmon, hibachi chicken, rolls, sushi, and lot more. People can find out different recipes like seafood, chicken, steak and lot more. You can see the latest price range of different menus. It is a specially deserved place for everyone in the present time. People can take benefit from lounge seating and family style hibachi setting as well.

Better for the food service

The company establishes more than 100 restaurants around the globe. People can order any type of recipe by using restaurant at the best location. You can simply visit official source of restaurant that located very near to you. People can order everything online within a minute and get them easily. On the other hand, you can make reservation easily. People can make use of gift card offered by restaurant. You can view benihana in different locations and choose the best one for your needs. The restaurant provides food delivery service at the best cost to the customer. You don’t hassle about order foods, wine, and others. The chef cooks food in front of the customers at hibachi table directly. They provide different range of menu options with the premium and fine quality. They keep up the good relationship with the customers.

Facts of Benihana

The biggest part of visiting this restaurant is mainly for seeing how the chef cooks food. The restaurant allows people to watch food cooked by chef directly. They serve you the teppanyaki table for taking the food. It is famous for the American style cooking. On the other hand, company also manages four Haru and twenty sushi restaurants. They provide tiki mug that utilized for exotic cocktail and fancy purpose. You can enjoy American standard entrees dishes that made of steak, chicken, shrimp, vegetables, and others. It helps people to celebrate birthday and other occasions. You can spend a quality time by visiting restaurant and take pleasure from birthday dinner. They achieve the great excellence in the industry and provide service to customers on time. They deliver ordered items to customers within a time limit and provide great offers. The company keeps up perfect production chain and gain higher earnings. They provide Japanese food with the good and entertaining style of presentation.

Places like Benihana

Shabusen Restaurant, Kui Shin Bo, Mokuku, Glaze Teriyaki, House Of Prime Rib And Others Are Like Benihana


Benihana Hours

People can explore great happiness to benihana with the happy hour. You can find out different menu and drinks on happy hour.

Benihana Near Me

The restaurant delights customers in different ways and provides Japanese food throughout United States. Currently, this is operated more than 100 locations. This one also own other brands like American Restaurant Company involved RA sushi and Haru. People just see benihana locations and go for best one.


Benihana Reservation

You can reserve the restaurant at benihana at the proper schedule. You can book the restaurant at the desired location. If you have any doubt, you can contact the nearest benihana location through phone for assistance.