What Are The Prices At Zios Brickoven Pizza

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Zios Brickoven Pizza Menu Prices 2021


Picked For You

 Four Cheese$16.74 
 Buffalo Chicken Pizza$17.94 
 Chicken Parmigiana$16.20 
 Burrata Salad$13.14 
 Create Your Own Pizza$13.20 

Fresh Salads

 Tossed Salad$9.54 
 Julienne Salad$13.74 
 Chef Salad$11.94 
 Greek Salad$11.94 
Gyro Salad$13.14 
 Antipasto Salad$14.34 
 Steak Salad$12.54 
 Caesar Salad$11.94 
 Sicilian Salad$11.94 
 Zio’s Salad$11.94 
 Mediterranean Salad$13.14 
 Grilled Shrimp Salad$14.34 
 Spinach Salad$13.14 
 Caprese Salad$11.94 
 Apple Salad$11.94 
 Chicken Walford Salad$13.14 
 Four Season Salad$11.94 
 Buffalo Chicken Salad$13.14 
 Zio’s Cobb Salad$13.14 
Burrata Salad (Fresh Salads)$13.14 

Fresh Salad

 Tossed Salad with Grilled Chicken$9.95 
Tossed Salad with Tuna$9.95 
Tossed Salad with Chicken Cutlet$10.95 
 Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken$9.95 
Caesar Salad with Crispy Chicken$9.95 
 Zio’s Salad$9.95 
 Mediteeranean Salad$10.95 
 Zio’s Cobb Salad$10.95 

Italian pasta Dishes

 Pasta with Marinara Sauce$9.95 
 Pasta with Alfredo Sauce$12.95 
 Pasta with Vodka Sauce$12.95 
Rigatoni (Italian Pasta Dishes)$11.94 
 Pasta Bolognese$12.95 
 Pasta with Pesto Sauce$12.95 
Cheese Ravioli$11.94 
 Pasta with Primavera Sauce$12.95 
Tricolor Cheese$11.94 
 Pasta with Zio’s Traditional Sauce$13.95 


Soup of the Day$5.40 

Zio’s Sandwiches

 Ham and Cheese Sandwich$4.95 
Turkey and Cheese Sandwich$4.95 
Tuna and Cheese Sandwich$5.75 
Mixed Cheese Sanndwich$4.50 
BLT Sandwich$4.45 
Chicken Cutlet Sandwich$4.95 
Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich$5.95 
 Plain Grilled Chicken Sandwich$5.45 
BBQ Grilled Chicken Sandwich$5.50 
 Chicken Cacciatore Sandwich$5.95 
 Chicken Avocado Sandwich$6.45 
 Zesty Buffalo Chicken Sandwich$6.45 
 Zio’s Special Chicken Sandwich$6.45 

Platters Fresh from the Sea

5 Piece Jumbo Butterfly Shrimp$11.94 
 Jumbo Butterfly Shrimp$9.95 
2 Piece Fried Fillet$10.74 
 Combination Seafood Platter$11.95 
 Combination Seafood$14.34 
 Fried Fillet$8.95 
Fried Calamari Platter$11.94 

Zio’s Hot Italian Sandwich

Eggplant Parmigiana Hot Sandwich$8.25 
Chicken Parmigiana Hot Sandwich$8.25 
Meatball Parmigiana Hot Sandwich$8.25 
 Italian Sausage Parmigiana Hot Sandwich$8.25 
Italian Hoagie Grinder$8.50 
Ham and Cheese Hoagie Grinder$8.00 
Turkey Hoagie Grinder$8.25 
 Tuna Melt Hot Sandwich$5.25 
Grilled Cheese Hot Sandwich$3.95 
Grilled Ham and Cheese Hot Sandwich$4.95 
Grilled Cheese and Bacon Hot Sandwich$4.95 


 4 Piece Chicken Fingers$11.40 
 Chicken Fingers (Platters)$9.50 
8 Piece Chicken Fingers$16.14 
 Lamb Gyro$11.95 
Lamb Gyro Platter$14.34 

Square Sicilian Pizza

 Plain Pizza Slice Square$17.00 
Sicilian Pizza Slice Square$22.00 
Mixed Veggie sicilian Pizza square$23.00 
 Marinara Sicilian Pizza Square$16.00 
 Grandma’s Sicilian Pizza Square$22.00 

Brick Oven Pizza

Plain (Brick Oven Pizza)$13.20 
 Plain Cheese Pizza Medium 14″ $14.00 
Plain Cheese Pizza Extra Large 18″$18.00 
Create Your Own Pizza (Brick Oven Pizza)$13.20 

Gourmet Brick Oven Pizza

 Tomato Pie$13.20 
Tomato Pie (Gourmet Brick Oven Pizza)$13.20 
 Marherita Pizza$14.45 
 Hawaiian Pizza$13.95 
 The Works Pizza$14.95 
 The Works$17.94 
 Zio’s Special Pizza$14.95 
 Zio’s Special$17.94 
 Giardino Pizza$14.95 
 Chicken Fajita Pizza$14.45 
 Chicken Fajita$17.34 
 BBQ Chicken Pizza$14.45 
 BBQ Chicken$17.34 
Buffalo Chicken Pizza (Gourmet Brick Oven Pizza)$17.94 
 Grilled Veggie Pizza$13.95 
 Grilled Veggie$16.74 
 Veggie Pizza$13.95 
 Four Cheese Pizza$13.95 
Four Cheese (Gourmet Brick Oven Pizza)$16.74 
 South Philly Pizza$16.50 
 Meat Stuffed Priazzo Pizza Extra Large 18″$28.00 
 Meat Stuffed Priazzo Pizza$33.60 
 San Gennaro Pizza$14.95 
 San Gennaro$17.94 
 White Pizza$16.14 
 White Broccoli Pizza$14.95 
 White Broccoli$17.94 
 White Spinach Pizza$14.95 
 White Spinach$17.94 
 Combination Pizza$14.75 
 Eggplant Parmigiana Pizza$13.45 
 Eggplant Parmigiana$16.14 
 Shrimp Parmigiana Pizza$15.50 
 Shrimp Parmigiana$18.60 
 Meat Lovers Pizza$15.50 
 Meat Lovers$18.60 
 Bruschetta Pizza$16.14 
 Chicken Pesto Pizza$14.95 
 Chicken Pesto$17.94 
Chicken Parmigiana (Gourmet Brick Oven Pizza)$16.20 
 Chicken Parmigiana Pizza$13.50 
 California Pizza$19.14 
 Tri Colored Tortellini Chicken Pizza$15.95 
 Tri-Colored Tortellini Chicken Pizza$19.14 
 Chicken Ranch Pizza$16.20 
 Penne Pasta Vodka Sauce Pizza$14.00 
 Penne Pasta Vodka Sauce$16.80 
 Meatball Parmesan Pizza$16.80 
 Taco Pizza$17.40 
 Arugula Pizza$17.94 
 Supreme Garlic Knot Pizza$15.60 
 Zio’s Trio Pizza Extra Large 18″$23.95 
 Zio’s Trio Pizza$28.74 
 Mozzarella Stick Pizza$19.14 

Pizza by the Slice

Plain Pizza Slice$2.75 
Pepperoni Pizza Slice$3.25 
Mushrooms Pizza Slice$3.25 
Ground Beef Pizza Slice$3.25 
Sicilian Pizza Slice$3.75 
Buffalo Chicken Pizza Slice$3.75 
Broccoli Pizza Slice$3.25 
Spinach Pizza Slice$3.25 

Pizza Slices

Plain (Pizza Slices)$3.30 
Ground Beef$3.90 
Buffalo Chicken$4.50 

Square Sicilian

Plain Sicilian$20.40 
Mixed Veggie Sicilian$27.60 
Marinara (no cheese)$19.20 
Grandma’s Pizza$26.40 
Buffalo Chicken (Square Sicilian)$27.60 


Plain Stromboli$11.40 
 Plain Stromboli 12″$9.50 
Steak Stromboli$14.34 
Grilled Chicken Stromboli 12″$11.95 
Buffalo Chicken Stromboli$14.34 
Steak Stromboli 12″$11.95 
Mixed Veggie Stromboli$15.54 
Chicken Cutlet Stromboli 12″$11.95 
Grilled Chicken Stromboli$14.34 
 Buffalo Chicken Stromboli 12″$11.95 
Chicken Cutlet Stromboli$14.34 
Italian Stromboli 12″$12.95 
Italian Stromboli$15.54 
 Mixed Veggie Stromboli 12″$12.95 


Plain Calzone$11.40 
 Plain Calzone 12″$9.50 
 Italian Calzone$15.54 
Chicken Cutlet Calzone 12″$11.95 
Grilled Chicken Calzone$14.34 
 Italian Calzone 12″$12.95 
Chicket Cutlet Calzone$14.34 
 Four Cheese Calzone 12″$11.95 
 Four Cheese Calzone$14.34 
Grilled Chicken Calzone 12″$11.95 

Zio’s Hoagies

 Ham and Cheese Hoagie$4.75 
Turkey and Cheese Hoagie$5.25 
 Hot Veggie Hoagie with Cheese$6.00 
Tuna and Cheese Hoagie$5.95 


 Panzerotti (Panzerotti)$7.14 


French Fries$3.54 
Cheese Whiz Fries$5.40 
Pizza Fries$5.94 
Mozzarella Cheese Fries$5.94 
Old Bay Fries$3.90 
Bacon and Cheese Whiz Fries$4.45 
Bacon & Cheese Whiz Fries$5.34 
Tater Tots$4.74 
Rosanna Fries$7.80 
Spicy Fries$4.14 
Spicy Cheese Whiz Fries$5.70 
 Zio’s Mega frie$6.50 
Zio’s Mega Fries$7.80 
Cheesesteak Fries$9.54 
Onion Rings$3.54 
Garlic Bread$2.34 
 Mozzarella Sticks$6.25 
Mozzarella Sticks (8)$7.50 
Jalapeno Poppers$5.50 
6 Piece Jalapeno Poppers$6.60 
Chicken Fingers$7.20 
 Fried Cheese Ravioli$5.25 
Fried Cheese Ravioli (6)$6.30 
Fried Calamari$8.34 
Rice Ball Parmigiana$5.94 
Rice Ball$4.74 
 Side of Meatball with sauce and Mozzarella$5.95 
Side of Meatball$5.94 
Side of Meatball with Mozzarella$7.14 
Chicken Finger Bomb$10.20 
Loaded Tater Tots$8.34 
 Chicken Quesadilla$9.95 
Steak Quesadilla$9.95 
Fresh wings$13.14 
Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla$9.95 
BBQ Chicken Quesadilla$9.95 
 Side of Meatball Three Oieces$4.95 

Zios Steaks

Plain Steak$6.00 
 Plain Steak Hoagie$6.90 
Cheesesteak Hoagie$7.50 
Mushroom Cheesesteak$7.74 
Green Peppers Cheesesteak$7.14 
Pizza Steak$8.34 
 Zio’s Special Steak$8.70 
Portobello Cheesesteak$7.74 
 Cheesesteak Royal$8.70 
 Cheesesteak Platter$10.74 

Zios Chicken Steaks

Plain Chicken Steak$6.90 
Chicken Cheesesteak$7.14 
Pizza Chicken Cheesesteak$7.80 
Chicken Cheesesteak Hoagie$7.74 
BBQ Chicken Cheesesteak$7.14 
Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak$7.20 
Portobello Chicken Cheesesteak$7.50 
Chicken Cheesesteak Platter$11.40 

Zios Hoagies

Mixed Cheese Hoagie$5.40 
American Hoagie$5.94 
Italian Hoagie$5.94 
Ham & Cheese Hoagie$5.70 
Turkey & Cheese Hoagie$6.30 
Tuna & Cheese Hoagie$7.14 
Grilled Chicken Hoagie$6.60 
Chicken Cutlet Hoagie$7.14 
Flounder Hoagie$7.14 
Hot Veggie Hoagie$6.60 

Triple Decker Clubs Platter

 Turkey & Bacon$10.50 
 Turkey and Bacon Club$8.75 
Tuna, Sliced Egg or Bacon$10.74 
Chicken Cutlet, Bacon and Ranch Club$9.25 
Chicken Cutlet, Bacon & Ranch$11.10 
Tuna and Sliced Egg Club$8.95 
Grilled Chicken & Bacon$10.74 
Grilled Chicken and Bacon Club$8.95 
Ham, Cheese & Bacon$10.50 
Tuna and Bacon Club$8.95 
Ham, Cheese, and Bacon Club$8.75 

Zio’s Steaks

 Zio’s Special Steak$7.25 

Zio’s Chicken Steaks

 Chicken Cheese steak Hoagie$6.45 

Flame Broiled Burgers

Bacon Cheeseburger$6.60 
Pizza Burger$6.60 
Philly Burger$7.14 
King Cheeseburger$9.54 
Portobello Burger$7.50 
Cheeseburger Platter$9.54 
Turkey Cheeseburger$7.14 
Turkey Cheeseburger Platter$9.54 
Summer Ranch Turkey Burger$7.80 
 Summar Ranch Turkey Buger$6.50 
Road House Turkey Burger$8.34 
Healthy Burger$8.34 
BBQ Burger$6.54 

Wrap Platter

 Turkey Wrap$7.95 
 Rancher’s Chicken Wrap$7.95 
 Grilled Chicken Caesar$9.54 
Tuna Wrap$8.45 
 Buffalo Chicken (Wrap Platter)$9.54 
 Zio’s Chicken Wrap$8.25 
 Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap$7.95 
 Club Wrap$9.90 
 Popeye Wrap$9.54 
 Rancher’s Chicken Wrap$9.54 
 Buffalo Chicken Wrap$7.95 
 Zio’s Chicken Wrap$9.90 
 Cheesesteak Wrap$8.25 
 Hot Veggie Wrap$9.54 
 Cheesesteak (Wrap Platter)$9.90 
Chicken Cheesesteak Wrap$9.90 
 Buffalo Chicken Finger Wrap$10.74 

Grilled Panini Platters

 Grilled Chicken$10.74 
 Grilled Chicken Panini$8.95 
 Grilled Veggie (Grilled Panini Platters)$10.20 
 Prosciutto di Parma Panini$8.95 
 Chicken Bello$10.74 
 Grilled Veggie Panini$8.50 
 Turkey Pesto$10.74 
 California Chicken Panini$9.95 
 Sweet Sausage$10.50 
 Chicken Bello Panini$8.95 
 Chicken Cotoletta$10.74 
 The Godfather Panini$10.95 
 Prosciutto Di Parma$10.74 
 Turkey Pesto Panini$8.95 
 California Chicken$11.94 
 The Grandmother Panini$9.95 
 The Godfather$13.14 
 Sweet Sausage Panini$8.75 
 The Grandmother$11.94 
 The Grandfather Panini$9.95 
 The Grandfather$11.94 
 Chicken Cotoletta Panini$8.95 

Kids Mains

Kids’ Cheese Ravioli$5.95 
 Kids’ Pasta with Butter$4.95 
 Kids’ Spaghetti$5.95 
 Kids’ Chicken Fingers$4.95 

Kids Menu

Cheese Ravioli (3pcs)$7.40 
Spaghetti (Kids Menu)$7.14 
Ziti, Spaghetti or Fettuccine With Butter$5.94 
Chicken Fingers (2pcs)$5.94 


Traditional Cannoli$4.80 
 Fried Dough Ball with Cannoli Cream$4.00 
Dipped Cannoli$6.00 
Dipped Cannoli Dessert$5.00 
 Fried Dough Balls$2.50 
Fried Dough Ball$4.80 
Cheesecake Dessert$4.00 
3 Fried Dough Balls$3.00 

Catering Menu

Meatball Parmigiana$47.40 
Chicken Parmigiana (Catering Menu)$47.40 
Eggplant Parmigiana (Catering Menu)$47.40 
Italian Sausage$48.00 
Tossed Salad (Catering Menu)$41.40 
Caesar Salad (Catering Menu)$10.00 
Fresh Wings (Catering Menu)$35.40 
Spaghetti, Ziti, Fettuccine Or Penne with Sauce$10.00 
Bolognese Sauce$48.00 
Cheese Ravioli with Sauce$42.00 
Baked Ziti$48.00 
Beef Lasagna$59.40 
Antipasto Salad (Catering Menu)$56.60 
Ziti Vodka Sauce$59.40 
Ziti Or Penne Alfredo$59.40 
Tri Color Cheese Tortellini$48.00 
Onion Rings (Catering Menu)$29.34 
French Fries (Catering Menu)$29.34 
Hoagie Tray$49.14 
Wrap Tray$47.94 
Cheeseburger Tray$84.00 


Bottled Water$2.22 
Juice Bottled$2.50 
Bottled Juice$3.00 
Snapple Beverage$2.50 
Iced Tea$2.50 
Sparkling Water$2.40 
Sparkling Water Beverage$2.00 
Vitamin Water$3.54 

Zios Brickoven Pizza Hours (Opening And Closing)

DaysOpening TimesClosing Times
Friday-Saturday10:30 a.m.12:00 p.m.
Sunday-Thursday11:00 a.m.11:00 p.m.

Zios Brickoven Pizza History

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