What Are Pizza Shoppe Nutrition and Calories

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Pizza Shoppe Nutrition Facts

  • FoodCaloriesProtein (g)Total Fat (g)
    • 5 Cheese Roma Pizza19098
    • BBQ Chicken Pizza230148
    • Big Shoppe House Salad3803224
    • BLT Salad4603529
    • Butcher Block Pizza3802221
    • Cannelloni5703925
    • Cheese Pizza210128
    • Chicken Pepper Jack Sandwich5103723
    • Chicken Sink Pizza2601512
    • Classic Chicken Salad3403418
    • Corned Beef Sandwich4804318
    • Garden Supreme Pizza210118
    • Garlic Bread220415
    • Garlic Bread with Cheese3901927
    • Ham n Cheese Sandwich4704122
    • Italian Salad4703432
    • Italian Sub Sandwich7604548
    • Lasagna6103526
    • Manicotti5903329
    • Meatball Sub Sandwich6804038
    • Roast Beef Sandwich4804323
    • Round Table Pizza2601412
    • Shoppe House Salad140109
    • Single Topping Pizza, Chicken200147
    • Single Topping Pizza, Hamburger2501511
    • Single Topping Pizza, Italian Sausage2901416
    • Single Topping Pizza, Pepperoni2301111
    • Single Topping Pizza, Sausage2701513
    • Spaghetti with Meatballs7903932